For A Life With Quality Care

Royal Bay Care Homes specialise in assured retirement living, providing quality care homes in a number of locations across Dorset, West Sussex, Worcestershire and Northamptonshire.
We are actively pursuing Gold Standards Framework Accreditation status for all of our homes, to see which homes are accredited and the progress of the other homes click on the logo below.

Gold Standard Framework

Supporting Charity & Eco Friendly

‘Helping Our Youth’ - Learning and support network for young carers, apprenticeship schemes.

Where would we be without the youth of today, tomorrow? Not very far… This is why we believe in offering placements and apprenticeships for young adults interested in becoming carers. But it doesn’t end there. We try to provide the best training and support for our young carers, so that they can learn and develop into the best they can be, helping them to achieve their career goals.


‘All For A Good Cause’ - Local Charitable Fundraising/Support (FoRB).

We at Royal Bay Care Homes always believe in trying to help others.  That is why we consider every opportunity we get to donate to local charities, and we even do some fundraising of our own. From a strong link to Rotary International (RIBI) to Macmillan Coffee Mornings and Auctions, we are always willing to try and do our bit.


‘No, not boats!’ - Sponsorships

We also believe strongly in Sponsorships. Being able to help out others who are undertaking huge efforts in order to benefit others. We take pride in supporting  such causes as the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation as well as being a corporate sponsor on an expedition to Everest Base Camp in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care, The Wooden Spoon and The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (The C Group).


   John Thornton Young Achievers

   Marie Curie Cancer Care

   Wooden Spoon

   Royal Marines Charitable Trust (The C Group)




Responsible Development

All of our developments have and will only ever be built with a method of construction that embodies a range of high property insulation factors, from the heavily insulated floors, ceilings, and walls, to the high specification double glazed patio doors and windows. We then continue to embrace and incorporate as much sustainable energy technologies where we can.


‘Just Up The Road’ - Locally Sourced Fresh Food

Wherever we can, each one of our Royal Bay Care Homes sources their meat and vegetables from local butchers and farmers, because we believe that great nutrition and catering is a very important part of a happy life. So at every Royal Bay Care Home, we always strive to use great fresh ingredients in order to deliver delicious food.


‘Save Your Energy’ - Energy-efficient heating

At Royal Bay, we believe in doing our bit for the environment. That is why we use energy-efficient boilers reducing our fuel consumption whilst also keeping our homes nice and cosy, especially during those cold winter months.


‘Let The Sun Shine’ - Solar panels

England may not be the sunniest of countries, but solar panels still can play a massive part in reducing energy use. At Claremont Lodge we have two types of solar panels. We have panels situation on the roof that heats our water from cold to warm, making it much easier for the boiler to heat it up to a hot temperature. The efficiency of the collection system means that, even with a light layer of cloud, sufficient heat is captured to provide for a substantial energy boost in the production of hot water.

Our second type of solar panel (photovoltaic) uses the sun's energy to power external garden and car park lighting at night. Whilst also committing to low energy internal lighting using a fraction of the electrical energy of traditional lighting systems.

‘Singing In The Rain’ - Rainwater collector

Each one of our homes have large blossoming beautiful gardens that need to be kept and looked after, however during the development of Claremont Lodge, we were able to install a 17,000l capacity tank that collects the rain water. We can then use this water to spray over the garden at Claremont Lodge reducing our need to use domestically supplied treated water.


‘Up To Our Waste’ - Waste Disposal and Recycling

At Royal Bay Care Homes we ensure that all of our waste gets disposed of in the correct manner. Whether that is recycling everything we can or using regulated contractors to remove our clinical waste, we always want to do our bit by using the correct method of disposal.