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Royal Bay Care Homes specialise in assured retirement living, providing quality care homes in a number of locations across Dorset, West Sussex, Worcestershire and Northamptonshire.
We are actively pursuing Gold Standards Framework Accreditation status for all of our homes, to see which homes are accredited and the progress of the other homes click on the logo below.

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Staff Appreciation at Royal Bay Care Homes

Throughout August we have been holding staff appreciation week at our Royal Bay Care Homes. Here are just some of the things we have been doing to show our team how much we appreciate their hard work.   

Forest Hill House Nursing Home – ‘Legs, Puns & Tums’

During the first week of August our care home in Wimborne had a busy week with ‘Legs, Puns & Tums’ appreciation antics. Just some of the treats included Fanta to show how fantastic our team is, donuts as we ‘donut’ know what we would do without our team and Extra peppermint gum to thank them for all their extra work. To finish the week, we partied with more food, drinks, music, fun and games. Head over to our Facebook page for the latest pictures. 
Claremont Lodge Care Home – ‘Thank you’
Later in August Claremont Lodge Care Home celebrated staff appreciation week. Lot’s of lovely ‘thank you’ messages were shared, staff were showered with tasty treats and goodie bags. At the special request of our nursing homes residents, Claremont Lodge made their first ‘Employee Of The Year’ award. We were all thrilled that Lorraine won the award and our Care Home Manager, Kim, was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers. 
Larks Leas Rest Home – ‘Blow the Biggest Bubble’
Our rest home residents in Blandford were on the edge of their seats as our team took part in our ‘Blow the Biggest Bubble’ competition! The final round saw Grace win the title as she blew a 10.5cm bubble, well done Grace, what an achievement! As well as blowing bubbles, Grace is just one of our amazing team members that works hard all year round to look after our residents. We had lots of treats in store for the rest of the team which included their favourite cakes, KitKats, sausage baps, wine and Ferrero Rocher.     
Our Royal Bay Care Home staff are appreciated all year round, thank you again for providing outstanding care.

Published: 31/08/2019