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Royal Bay Care Homes specialise in assured retirement living, providing quality care homes in a number of locations across Dorset, West Sussex, Worcestershire and Northamptonshire.
We are actively pursuing Gold Standards Framework Accreditation status for all of our homes, to see which homes are accredited and the progress of the other homes click on the logo below.

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Claremont Lodge achieve 5/5 stars from their Environmental Health Officer

We're pleased to announce last week, Claremont Lodge had their visit from their local Environmental Health Officer and they were awarded the highest standard of 5 out of 5, continuing their high standards from last year.

Royal Bay Care Homes are always welcome our local EHO's as we are always aiming for top marks, with 7 out of our 8 homes currently achieving 5/5, one being marked down as it's currently in the process of having a kitchen upgrade.

Published: 23/06/2014